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A la Croisée des Temps

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Professionals are usually seated near their console,cheap beats by dre computers or keyboard at all time. They are not usually cluttered by the wires because of this reason but consumers like you might be largely annoyed because you might actually want to listen to music while on bed or watch television without disturbing others in the drawing room. To solve this purpose, the Monster beats headphones are available in a wireless variant that is connected with the help of Bluetooth technology. Now, you can actually leave your mobile in charge and listen to music while reading or doing random work.

No one can ask for more because this cheap beats by dre is certified for excellent sound clarity and booming bass that is sure to drum in your ears. It comes with a slot to put in batteries so as to power up the gadget but as like everyone else, you can go for rechargeable batteries to ease the situation. The next feature is the most amazing of all because you actually have a volume control, forward, rewind, pause and play buttons that are placed in the ear piece. It is the most useful option of all and you will never have to get up again to make changes. Everything can be done from your exact location.

Just like other Monster beats by dre studio headphones,cheap beats by dre you have the option to fold this wireless headset as well and keep it safely enclosed in the carry case provided with the product. It is ultra -lightweight and will not be a burden on your head. The ear cups are made of superior quality cushion and provide ample space for airflow so that your ears don’t sweat when used continuously. It is compatible with every Bluetooth enabled device like your smartphones, television, computer or tablet. The plug and play feature takes less than a minute to configure it.

When it comes to headphones, I used to not taking style into consideration, but the first thing I think is the sound quality. This situation changed since I met Monster headphones. Monster headphones really make me think twice and get rid of my stereotyped thought. Yes, there’s no other earphones can feature both good-looking and quality sounds at the same time like Monster headphones.

The sleek design of Monster headphones is really eye-catching. The glossy black head band runs seamlessly into the ear pieces, which are inlaid with a red “b. The metal support band is also inlaid within the headband, rings thinly around the ear pieces and also contains a deep red accenting.

The Monster Headphones have a noise cancelling function that many people are giving positive reviews which highly recommend the excellent feature. The Dr. Dre headphones of Monster especially have a deep enveloping low end bass and solid mid and high range sound quality as well. It is said by many people that, these headphones can even be cranked up to real high volume and still pump out crisp sound.

The design of the headphones is according to the human physiology, so the ear cup of the phone is comfortable and easy to listen to music for extended periods of time without any discomfort. This was proved by many users’ reviews. Another feature of the Monster headphones is the right earphone can be tapped on the exterior and it will mutes the sound. You don’t have to press the mute button or pause button, but just a quick tap can mute the sound. How amazing it is!

There is a wide range of accessories to go along with the stylish Monster headphones. These slick black and red packaging and stylish headphones are come to compliment many of modern people’s life styles. They are suitable for wearing on airplanes, in home audio, and even with a cable that with a built-in microphone for stereo cellphones.

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